Telitita Burley » Welcome to 6-3 !

Welcome to 6-3 !

Welcome 6th graders!! I will be your ELA and Social Studies teacher for cohort 6-3. I am so excited to share in your learning experience here at Thomson-McDuffie Middle School. Parents, I will be your partner in providing a safe classroom environment for students to learn, grow, evolve, and become. Together, we can make this a great school year!


My name is Telitita (Ta-lee-ta) Burley! I am from a small town called Crawfordville. If you blink your eyes you may miss it, but we're on the map! I graduated from Taliaferro County School in 2011. I later earned a bachelor’s degree in Secondary English Education at the Unsinkable Albany State University. Teaching has always been my passion and I worked hard to become one. Nothing in life comes easy, but you have to be willing to endure whatever life throws to reach your destiny. We must see failure as an opportunity to grow, not to give up.  I love motivating, and inspiring people. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, watching tv, listening to podcasts, and music. 



ELA 1st Period: napof43
STAR Period: rvtl72f
ELA 3rd Period: cukuwwc
ELA 4th Period:r74cjrc
S.S. 5th Period: fimi35y
To join remind, simply send a text to 81010 with the following message starting with the @
STAR: @burleysst
Social Studies@burleysss