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Welcome to Middle School Math!

Welcome to the beginning of middle school math! Math is all around us and is utilized every day. Therefore, this course is vitally important. This year, we will investigate mathematical ideas within the context of realistic problems, as opposed to looking only at numbers and performing robotic arithmetic. More problems will involve real-world application, while others will remain purely algorithmic. I hope to provide a positive, fun, and interactively engaging & impactful learning experience that all my students will enjoy. I am looking forward to a successful year of us growing and glowing together. Welcome to the start of a new school year!


Hi! I am Stephanie Jackson. I was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia. I am the baby of three and the only girl. Currently, only two of us remain; my eldest brother passed during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. I am the mother of a soon-to-be 23 year-old young man who resides in Statesboro, GA. Although he is technically grown, he is still my baby - my pride and joy! I hit the lottery with him; I enjoy being his mom! I am also the primary caregiver for my mom.
I received my undergraduate degree in Broadcast Journalism from Paine College and my graduate degree from Lesley University in curriculum and instruction. I am dually-certified in ELA and math. My wide-range of elementary, middle, and high school teaching experience spans the past 20+ years. I am also an adjunct instructor at a local community college. In addition to teaching during the day, I am a professional tutor in the evenings (when not instructing).
During my "down" time, I enjoy weight training in the gym or jogging outdoors, reading an inspirational book, unwinding on a self-getaway, and I certainly enjoy indulging crab legs (with garlic butter) at Spondivits in Atlanta. For my guilty pleasure, I relish Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough, and for snacking, I'll always have [hard] Lemonheads handy.
Now that I have given you a sneak peek into my life, I cannot wait to learn about you in the days ahead!
pencils, colored pencils or markers, hand-held pencil sharpener w/cap, folder or binder w/inserts, loose-leaf notebook paper, graph paper, glue stick, safety scissors, ruler, personal bottle of hand sanitizer, headphones/earbuds
WISH LIST: facial tissue, Lysol spray, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, paper towel
1. "Prepare" to learn. 
2. Participate FULLY in the learning process. 
3. Persevere.
4. Promote positivity for yourself, others, and the learning community.
5. POSSESS your future with pride.
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Ms. Stephanie Jackson
6-1 Math & Social Studies Teacher
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PHONE: 706.986.4300
Text each class code to 81010 for its respective class. 
MA - @6mathjax23
SS - @6ssjax23
HR - @6hrjax23
period 1 - zvfc24t
period 2 - cvl4t76
period 3 - udt5qt5
period 6 - nlromlj
period 7 - s3sgl3m
A = 90-100
B = 80-89
C = 70-79
F = Below 70
Summative: 40%
Collaborative: 60%
Semester Exam: 20%
ROOM: 516
P1 - 7:45 - 8:25
P2 - 8:28 - 9:33
P3 - 9:36 - 10:41
P4 - Connection 1
P5 - Connection 2
P6 - 12:18 - 1:53
Lunch - 12:20 - 12:50
P7 - 1:55 - 3:00
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         ~ Henry Brooks Adams